We revolutionise access and delivery of investments with easy-to-use digital technology that guarantees the highest security and puts human relations back in the middle.

The GruppoARC has created, around the concept of “Human FinTech”, an ecosystem in which technological innovation allows people to freely gather the opportunities offered by the capitals market.

At the centre of GruppoARC’s Human FinTech is a new model of interaction that directly connects clients with the market. The digital aspect makes the relationship easy and secure while the use of the video mode keeps the human relationship and trust in the middle.

State-of-the-art technology, regulatory compliance and authorisations for access to the markets let us digitalise the process of acquisition for every financial tool, stimulate new financial habits and securely enable the client in their digital financial journey in the new Millennium.

Thanks to the innovative Video Identification and VideoSignature technology created by Vis-à-Bit, a GruppoARC company, we guarantee security and ease via any device to remotely deal with any request, immediately and easily with video call.

In Video Ergo Sum

Vis-à-Bit is GruppoARC’s FinTech company that designs and creates KYC digitalised processes and file management that can be accessed by any smartphone. Its vision of developments includes distributed technology, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence,

Vis-à-bit supplies its services to any financial intermediary and means every client can have their needs met remotely just using their smartphone. GruppoARC has tested its effectiveness and compliance with regulations for the group’s companies. FD Fiduciaria Digitale was the first company to use Vis-à-bit technology.

Video Identification

Vis-à-Bit has developed an innovative app that allows the remote identification of any person in a sure and unequivocal way, by registering each of the verification steps. It was created compliant by design and it conforms fully with the most recent requirements of the Bank of Italy in regard to remote operations.


VideoSignature is the innovative integrated digital solution by Vis-à-Bit:

  • ID Verification – remote video identification
  • RegTech – digital processes in compliance with current legislation
  • Document Verification – remote signature of the contract

Secure and easy

Vis-à-Bit’s solutions adopt technological solutions that comply with the strictest regulations in matters of client identification and satisfy the regulatory requirements of KYC&AML. The client can access services easily and naturally any time and any place.

Do you want more information?

 In business, innovations are the distributive models that determine changes with both clients and production processes.

FinTech will bring the financial sector a new model of intermediation that will directly connect clients to the market.

Digital contact will make the relationship easy and secure by bringing the human relationship back to the middle.

Human FinTech is born.

The Human Fintech Ecosystem

GruppoARC is a financial group established by independent managers with a wealth of experience. It is positioned as a benchmark financial partner to relate Millennials – whether individuals or companies – with the capitals market. In addition to London, where GruppoARC’s registered office is located, GruppoARC has two further operational offices, one in Luxembourg, the place of reference for international investment funds and in Italy, the “natural” office in the light of the privileged relationship with the fundamental world of SMEs, which do not always find concrete answers from the “classic” financial world.

GruppoARC operates in FinTech and is stands out from the rest thanks to its capacity to deal with digitalisation not as a purely technological service but rather as a financial solution to offer clients what they are looking for.